Discovery Search Engine

Documentation and release notes.

Current Release

4.2 2017-05-24

dynamic facets, sortByFuzzy, paging, soft limits

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Previous releases

4.1 2016-10-11

java8, keyword highlighting, user-quoted phrases, lucene 6.1, segment merging, modules

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4.0 2015-12-16

lucene fliparound

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3.18 2015-12-16

java 7, double to float

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3.17 2015-08-28

default normalDistance/exactDistance, range search with exactDistance, drop minRelevance/maxRelevance

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3.16 2015-06-08

facet improvements, isolatedId backport, bug fixes for dimensions and query tabs, json serialization of Infinity and friends

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3.15 2014-08-27

0 byte files, keyword indexing per with accent folding, facet sorting, post empty cs

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3.14 2014-08-04

lucene item storage, chinese language support, 1d scalar facet bug

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3.13 2014-12-06

bugs, log4j, java-runner

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3.12 2013-12-18

groups/notGroups, topLevel/nested weights, scores>1, ui changes, some optimizations, sortBy collators, checkpoint timezones

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3.11 2013-09-03

caps long text queries, json precision, keyword query fixes, relevance/exact overrides

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3.10 2013-03-11

removing builtin changeset publisher, upgrades to lucene 4.1, fixes missing children in indices tab for tree dimensions


3.9 2012-11-20

lucene 4 upgrade and removal of didyoumean sidecar index


Beta releases

4.3-beta-1 2017-06-19

export api, more gzip, sparse bitsets

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