3.8.3 (September 5 2012)

Bug Fixes

ENGINE-798 Fragment highlighter returns too much text when user-quoted phrases are used

When stopwords are close to the highlighted fragment and a user-quoted phrase is in play, the fragment highlighter would return very large fragments instead of respecting the configured fragment size.

ENGINE-799 Expensive text queries

Text queries with a lot of terms would take too long to execute. Smarter limits have been applied to prevent run-away queries.

Queries now only use at most 32 words. Sequence matching and did you mean suggestions are now limited to 10 words.

ENGINE-783 stripHtml option causing text query failures

The stripHtml option wasn’t playing well with the tokenization logic, causing some obscure exceptions to be thrown for some edge cases.

Example exception that this fixes: IllegalArgumentException: Bad basic track, start=2 end=4