2.8.7 (February 11 2011)


ENGINE-397 Improved Highlighter for fieldedText Dimensions

The engine’s query pipeline now uses the field-level analyzer to perform highlighting. Previously, the engine would use the parent dimension’s analyzer.

ENGINE-384 expandPhrases now includes option “fullMatch” to require all terms to be matched

The query field expandPhrases now supports a new value that will require that all expanded words match the searched text. Previously the engine would return a match if any of the words matched. To match all of the terms in the text, use the value fullMatch.

ENGINE-354 Multi-Threaded Query Support

In some instances, using multiple threads can improve query performance. To enable and disable this feature, use the Admin Tool’s Settings Page.

ENGINE-381 WordSets Can be Merged

This feature makes it possible to merge word sets, allowing them to be built up from smaller collections of word sets.

Bug Fixes

ENGINE-388 Stopwords and Queries Are Ignored with Phonetic Algorithms Enabled

Stopwords and Queries Are Ignored with Phonetic Algorithms Enabled.

ENGINE-359 JVM Startup Messages Now Appear in the Discovery Log File

Output from the JVM startup process was previously being squelched.

ENGINE-379 Error when posting a changeset

Corrects a situation where uploading a changeset using the Admin Tool’s Changesets Page, the engine would sometimes respond with

Problem accessing /changeset. Reason: ... java.io.FileNotFoundException: /ws/changeset?meta=1&pathOnly=1