3.5.0 (Janurary 11 2012)


ENGINE-696 JSON web services now support pretty printed output

All JSON output from the engine can now be returned in a more human readable form by setting the query parameter jsonPrettyPrint to true.

Bug Fixes

ENGINE-698 Stop words incorrectly applied for Brazilian Portuguese

Stop words for Brazilian Portuguese were not being correctly applied, resulting in unexpected matches against text dimensions.

ENGINE-690 ENGINE-694 exactRequires= “all” incorrectly considers field boundaries

When using exactRequires=all, if the query matched words across fields in the text dimension, then the item matched was not considered exact, which was incorrect.

ENGINE-357 Change dimensions while changeset being processed results in TaskNotRunningException

Change dimensions while changeset being processed results in TaskNotRunningException.

ENGINE-419 Error importing dimensions

Error importing dimensions.

ENGINE-693 Feed race condition at engine startup

Feed race condition at engine startup.

ENGINE-91 Missing indices on engine startup

If a brand new engine instance configured with a master (which has a valid changeset/dimensions) and start up the engine then at times after startup, the indices tab indicated that there are no indices even though the changeset and dimensions have been pulled from the master engine.