2.8.1 (September 1 2010)

New Features

ENGINE-120 Support for fieldedText Documents with Field-level Query Boosting

A new dimension type, fieldedText has been introduced. This dimension type has all the features of a text type dimension but can be configured to assign changeset properties to specific fields of the composed “document”. At query time, the fields can be identifed and queried individually or as a whole. Relevance boosting at the field level is also supported. The fieldedText dimension type configuration is similar to a tree dimension. It includes nested <field> elements that have parallel functionality to a <dimension> tag but only apply to the field and changeset properties specified as attributes.

ENGINE-85 Support for server-side parsing for Proximity Searches

Queries against text dimensions can optionally use a new queryParser that tries to use proximity matching against a phrase. Accuracy of the match can be specified using the new query modifier wordDistance. The new query parser is called the “proximity” parser. Customers can also optionally choose to automatically include each word in the user’s terms as part of the search by using the “expandPhrase” query qualifier. This allows customer query terms “Star Trek” to be applied as ‘star trek’, ‘star’ and ‘trek’.


ENGINE-73 Changeset Import Defaults to “Please choose type...” of the engine’s admin tool

Previously, the default value was Delta. This version requires a value to be selected before proceeding.

ENGINE-146 Internal upgrade of text dimension base components

Internal upgrade of text dimension base components.

Deprecated Features

ENGINE-106 Zip Codes for geoloc searches

Version 2.8.1 deprecates usage of the zipcode feature for geoloc queries and dimensions. Customers are encouraged to migrate to true lat/long geocoding. Zipcode support will be discontinued in a future release.

Bug Fixes

ENGINE-79 Posting Empty Changeset to Engine Failed with EmptyChangesetException

Posting Empty Changeset to Engine Failed with EmptyChangesetException.

ENGINE-80 Too Many Clauses (MaxBooleanClauses)

If a query included a startsWith for a short term, it was possible to exceed built-in optimization limits.

This version allows customers to determine how many clauses can be optimized. The default value for the clauses is 1,024. Optionally, customers can determine the minimum length of query terms that can be used for a startsWith search. The default value is 3 characters.

ENGINE-127 searchStyle startsWith Support Minimum Characters

This is part of ENGINE-80.

ENGINE-102 Keyword Query Array Value List Breaks Relevance

If an array of values was passed to a keyword dimension query and one of those values did not match, the relevance of the match was incorrectly calculated.

ENGINE-131 ignoreCase may not be FALSE for text dimensions when stemming is TRUE.

Stemming on text dimensions requires ignoreCase to be true.