2.8.2 (September 14 2010)

New Features

ENGINE-148 fieldText Type Dimensions Query Relevance Refinements

At query time, customers can refine the way matches against fieldedText type dimension fields are scored by disabling scoring. Queries can disable scoring changes based upon the length of the field as well as the frequency of search terms found in a match.

At indexing time, customers can disable any relevance scoring adjustments based upon the length of the indexed field. For more information on these features, refer to the product documentation.

ENGINE-66 Engines Can Be Named

An engine instance can be named using a new entry in discovery.properties. To name an engine such that its name appears in the admin tool title and component pages, define a value for engine-name in discovery.properties and restart the engine. To make minor changes to the CSS applied to the engine admin tool, define a valid CSS using engine-css, e.g. engine-css = body {background: blue}.

ENGINE-83 Engine support authenticated and secure transfer of changeset feeds

This feature works with the Transparensee Data Tool. For information on configuring this option, please refer to the data tool documentation.

ENGINE-142 ENGINE-144 Add Explain for new fieldedText dimension

The query explain option now provides information about detailed text matching and scoring. This is enabled by adding “partialRelevancesReason” to the explain field of the query. The result will be in “relevanceReasons” in the explanation for each criterion (an array of reasons for each item in the result set (parallel to the paritalRelevances/relevanceValues arrays).

Bug Fixes

ENGINE-74 Improved Validation Messages for Dimension Import

Improved validation messages for dimension import.

ENGINE-122 Explain Logic textToken supports startsWith

Explain logic textToken supports startsWith.