3.7.4 (June 29 2012)

New Features

ENGINE-760 Engine Support Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

The engine now support CORS for browsers that implement that standard.


ENGINE-492 Text Highlighter Highlights Compound Words Better

The highlighter previously highlighted the entire compound word, not just a part of word that was searched. For example, searching for bull now correctly highlights as follows: pit-<b>bull</b>.

Behavioral Changes

ENGINE-762 “Changesets are out of order” Log Message

The “Changesets are out of order” log message has been deprecated to the FINE logging level.

Bug Fixes

ENGINE-762 NPE Pulling New Changeset Feed

For feeds created using the Feed admin tool page, the first time the engine tried to pull the feed resulted in a null pointer exception. An engine restart would resolve the issue.