3.2.0 (August 1 2011)

New Features

ENGINE-529 New Facets API

The engine now supports a new facets API the enables the creation of dynamic interfaces that drill down into increasingly refined facets. The API will return facet counts for any items in the query; allow you to filter out any facets with no items and will also return user-facing text which can be used to create the UI.

The request is created using the new facets top-level request. The key used for the request is up to the developer, similar to the calculate request. The result is then placed in a dictionary with the named key. This enables returning more than one facet count request for the same dimension.

The drillDown API is now deprecated and will be replaced with the new facets API.

Request example:

    "facets": {
        "myFacetKey": {
            "dimension": "property_type",
            "topN": 20,
            "minCount": 1,
            "countType": "exact",
            "markSelected": true

The response appears in the new facets top-level response field.

    "facets": {
        "myFacetKey": {
        "ids": ["3133", "2972", "3116"],
        "data": {
            "3133": {
                "label": "musician",
                "count": 3140,
                "selected": false
            "2972": {
                "label": "producer",
                "count": 2291,
                "selected": false
            "3116": {
                "label": "songwriter",
                "count": 1548,
                "selected": false


ENGINE-3 Reduced Memory Footprint

The memory footprint for tree, keyword and scalar type dimensions have been optimized. Faceting memory footprint has been significantly reduced as well.

ENGINE-455 No limits to facet count buckets

The engine no longer has any limits to the number of buckets that can be used for facet counts.

ENGINE-555 DOCS-39 Init Scripts Documented

The documentation’s “Working with the Engine” section now includes guidelines for configuring your servers to manage engine instances at server start and stop. Sample scripts are included in the engine distribution binaries.

ENGINE-521 ignoreInverseDocumentFrequency now applies to Word Queries

The text dimension option to ignore the inverse document frequency score now applied to Word queries.

ENGINE-364 Improved item count logic

The now uses a cached item count value rather than calculating it on-the-fly.

Behavioral Changes

ENGINE-518 Database compaction is disabled

The engine no longer compacts the internal item database after performing a checkpoint, improving overall performance.

ENGINE-523 maxBuckets no longer necessary

With the removal of facet count limits (ENGINE-455), the engine no longer requires maxBuckets for keyword type dimensions other than to disable facets for a particular dimension. When maxBuckets is 0, faceting will be disabled.

Bug Fixes

ENGINE-515 Clearing Dimensions did not refresh Admin page

When all dimensions are cleared in the Admin tool, the page now correctly refreshes to show an empty dimensions file.