Discovery Script Command Line Options

The discovery script provides basic features to start, stop and check the status of a running discovery search engine. The discovery script used to start an engine should be a symlink to the actual discovery script located in the bin directory of the engine version’s releases directory.

If you have set up your directory structure per Transparensee’s recommendations, to run discovery, change working directory to the engine directory of the instance before starting the script:. This example changes working directories to the production engine instance, then starts the engine:

$ cd ~discovery/engines/production
$ ./discovery start

For information on setting the discovery engine, the releases directory and the engines directory, refer to Engine and Data Tool Installation for UNIX Variants.

The options available for discovery are:

  • start
  • stop
  • status
  • kill
  • restart
  • threads


Starts the engine if it has not already been started.


Gracefully stops the engine if it is already running.


Reports on the status of the engine: starting, running, stopping, stopped.


Gracefully stops the engine if it is already running, then immediately restarts the engine.


Forces the engine to stop by killing the engine process–regardless of the processing state of the engine.

WARNING: Use kill only if required because the server is not responsive and you are able to recreate the engine instance files manually.


Forces a thread dump to the discovery log file. This option only should be used at the request of a Transparensee customer support engineer.