3.6.0 (February 15 2012)


ENGINE-707 ENGINE-716 Text Query Analysis Pipeline should only apply full analysis when startsWith does not apply to the term at hand

Prefix search (startsWith, lastWordStartsWith) should only apply to original terms, not their mutated (stop words, stemmed, phonetically analyzed) variants.

Without this change, if the user searching using starts with for “the” where “the” is a stopword,, would find nothing since the stop word analysis would remove the term from the query.

Behavioral Changes

ENGINE-706 Changeset “Item Already Deleted” message is Now Suppressed

The severity of message written to the Discovery log file when a changeset attempted to delete an item that was already deleted has been demoted to FINE, resulting in reduced disk space requirements for log files.

ENGINE-715 storeOriginalWord is now standard for text dimensions

The feature adds such value to text dimension searches that it has been removed as an option and is part of the standard text analysis pipeline.

Obsolete Features

ENGINE-713 Legacy and Proximity Query Parsers Have Been Removed

The Word query parser and word delimiter filters of the engine completely superede the features of these two parsers and they have been removed as options for text dimensions.

ENGINE-714 Scoring overrides for Keyword Dimensions Removed

Keyword indices support a scoring override options map that can define a scoring style (equal, constant, difference) and some extra options (scoreEqual, scoreDifferent, perCharPenalty, minimumScore).

This feature was added to keep text and keyword dimensions as similar as possible. Now that text dimensions no longer support this (due to the removal of legacy and proximity parsers ENGINE-713), keyword dimensions can drop it also.

ENGINE-717 stopWordPositionIncrements Has Been Removed

stopWordPositionIncrements is now always enabled and therefore has been removed as a valid option for text dimensions.