3.4.0 (December 16 2011)


ENGINE-490 Text Dimensions Support Multi-Valued Array Data

Previously, multiple values were treated as a single string, with default punctuation as delimiters. Text dimensions would ignore this delimiter while indexing.

The new behavior treats each value of the array as a distinct block of text and will not be considered proximate to another array value.

ENGINE-671 Text Highlighting Applied to Arrays

With support for multi-valued arrays for Text dimensions, the highlighter has been enhanced to correctly highlight the array element value that matched the text query.

ENGINE-678 Improved Scoring when Synonyms are in play

This features makes scoring better when using synonyms.

ENGINE-681 Admin Tool is now jQuery-based

The engine Admin tool has been enhanced to fully support jQuery look and feel. Customers can also choose a standard jQuery UI theme.

ENGINE-676 ENGINE-679 Improved Compatibility with Microsoft Windows

The engine now has improved compatibility with Microsoft Windows. Windows is not a supported production platforms. This is for development purposes only. All known Admin tool compatibility issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer have been resolved.

Bug Fixes

ENGINE-686 ENGINE-687 didYouMean Fails at Query Time

In certain cases, when didYouMean was applied to an existing text dimension using reindexMethod=warmSwap, if the engine was not restarted, queries against the dimension would fail.

ENGINE-689 Non-latin1 characters in content type values cause Admin tool “/index” page to fail

The Indices tab now supports UTF-8 encoded characters.