3.15 (August 27 2014)


ENGINE-975 Facet sorting peformance

The implementation of facet sorting has been updated to use a Lucene priority queue instead of our own internal parallel array sorter, giving a boost to sort performance.

ENGINE-980 Upgrades dependent libraries

Upgrades dependent libraries.

library previous current
jackson-core 2.4.1 2.4.2
spring-framework 4.0.5 4.0.6

Bug Fixes

ENGINE-974 Configuration for Apache Commons Logging

The engine now ships with jcl-over-slf4j instead of commons-logging to better support log configuration from third party dependencies.

ENGINE-978 Atomic file handling

Fixes a subtle issue where exceptions were swallowed on close() when saving the discovery.settings and db/changesets/index.json files.

Also prevents the engine from saving the discovery.settings file after every successful feed pull.

ENGINE-979 Perfomance regression for keyword dimensions with accent folding enabled

Fixes a performance regression for keyword dimensions with accentFolding=true that was introduced in release 3.14. This flag may have been set directly on the keyword dimension or the main dimensions element.

ENGINE-981 Error when POSTing an empty DELTA or FULL changeset

If you POST an empty DELTA or FULL changeset to /ws/changeset the engine now correctly returns a 204 HTTP response instead of a 500 with a scary stacktrace.